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We are a company founded in 2000 based in Prague. We specialize in the import of components for Cummins engine. The Cummins motor is a world renowned diesel engine with a long heritage, which we are proud to be servicing for the large number of Cummins users all over Europe and China.

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Dalaimotor is fully committed to keeping your business and your equipment running. That’s why we have trained and experienced staff dedicated to meeting all of your requirements. Our customer service is prepared to handle and choose spare parts for the wide variety of Cummins motors.

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Cummins Motor - Overview

Founded in 1919 in Columbus, Indiana, Cummins is now the world’s largest producer of diesel technology.  Cummins produces Mid-Range, Heavy-Duty, and High-Horsepower engines for on-highway and off-highway use. Its motors are used to power heavy-and medium-duty trucks, buses, recreational vehicles (RV), light-duty automotives as well as a number of industrial uses such as agricultural, construction, mining, marine, oil and gas and military equipment.

Nearly all types of vehicle and equipment on earth and in water use Cummins motors; such as emergency vehicles, 18-wheelers and berry pickers as well as 360-ton mining haul trucks or recreational and commercial marine diesels.

Cummins - On Highway

  • European Trucks and Buses - Cummins engines are designed to deliver the same performance, wherever they operate. Every year, the European Union implements stricter and stricter guidelines. However, thanks to Cummins’ innovation and adaptability, there is a Cummins motor for you, weather you need to meet Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 or Euro 6 emission standards.
  • Fire & Emergency - Fire and emergency vehicles are perhaps the most dependant on a reliable engine of any motor vehicle. That’s why a majority of firefighters and emergency medical technicians  choose the Cummins motor over any other diesel engine. Cummins offers a wide range of engines for every type of emergency response vehicle.
  • Heavy-Duty Trucks, Light Commercial Vehicles, Medium-Duty Trucks – All commercial drivers are depend on a good engine. Many trucks cover huge distances with little stops; with drivers spending more time on the road and less time in the shop. For those drivers, and companies who employ them, fuel efficiency, reliability and durability can make all the difference. Cummins offers a full line of top class engines for every type of truck.
  • Motorhomes – Cummins engines are the number-one choice for diesel-powered motorhomes, with large range of power for every size and type of motorhome available.
  • Pickup Trucks - The Cummins engine is available in several heavy-duty pickup trucks.  Its improved torque and horsepower mean are more than enough power to get the job done.
  • Urban Buses & Shuttles, School Buses - Whether you are looking for diesel, natural gas or diesel-electric  hybrid motors, a Cummins motor is perfect for your urban bus fleet. Clean, fuel efficient and reliable Cummins engines keep your passengers happy and your buses on schedule.


Cummins - Off Highway

Agricultural Equipment – Cummins motors fit agricultural equipment of all shapes and sizes, such as tractors – big and small, combines and harvesters, fertilizer sprayers, tree shakers, and more. Cummins motors for agricultural equipment can be found all over the world, that’s why they are designed to meet and exceed emission standards anywhere and everywhere. Cummins engines have been reliably powering agricultural equipment for over 60 years; its durable and dependable diesel engines come in a broad power range of  60hp – 800hp (45kW – 597kW).

Construction Equipment - Cummins motors power every type of construction equipment in every environment in the world. Cummins engines offer more power, less noise and longer maintenance intervals. Cummins engines are ahead of the curve in many other ways: they come with easy electronic integration into equipment as well as upgraded electronic controls with more processing power.


Cummins - Quality You Can Depend On

  • Cummins motors are clean, consistently meeting greenhouse gas emissions standards ahead of schedule.
  • Cummins motor are efficient. The engineers at Cummins are constantly working to improve fuel economy.
  • Cummins motors are  durable. Proven techniques and top of the line technology mean longer maintenance intervals.
  • Cummins motors are dependable. Thanks to hard work and an innovative outlook, Cummins motors are able to stay ahead of the curve and continue to receive excellent reviews; all while lowering operating costs and improving productivity.


Why a Cummins Motor is Right for You

Don’t settle for second best. Cummins have been producing top of the line engines for nearly a century, and that is a tradition Cummins are determined to maintain.
Cummins is the number one producer of diesel engines in the world and it is number one for a reason. Its motors are durable, dependable, clean and efficient.

Cummins motors are perfect for you, wherever you are and whatever you do. Cummins have developed engines for every vehicle in every region in the world. Thanks to Cummins’ determination to stay ahead of the pack as well as the creativity and innovation of the engineers at Cummins, Cummins motors are designed to meet any emission standards in the world and adapt to an ever-changing environment.
Cummins do their best so you can too. The people at Cummins know that the key to success is happy customers. That’s why Cummins motors run longer and better than any other, so your business can keep running too. Cummins offer a full line of every type of engine that gets the job done, whatever that job may be.